After getting a degree in film, I started my career as a casting director. During that time, I was priveleged to experience the art of collaboration. So many people are involved in creating a film production, and each person’s creativity, under the guidance and vision of the director, adds something unique to the film. It truly wouldn’t be the same film without each person’s contribution.

When I began my career in technology, it was that same respect for collaboration that I saw within DevOps that drove my passion to learn more and discover what I could contribute. Within DevOps I see a regard for different talents and an appreciation for how those differences can bring about greater outcomes, both in business and in life. I had to be a part of that.

I knew that I could take the soft skills that I had gained through my creative pursuits and apply them to technology. As a creative type, I wanted to learn to create at a level that I had’t yet experienced through technology. I began this blog to share and cement what I was learning. I continue it to share my thoughts on technology and DevOps at large.


Annie Hedgpeth

DevOps Engineer committed to growth and community

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