I am currently thrilled to be working as a Test Infrastructure Engineer on the Terraform Enterprise team at HashiCorp. In this role, I’m building automation that runs tests and manages its infrastructure, creating tools, scripts and frameworks that enable developers to write tests themselves with the goal of helping to increase quality and reduce the risk of releasing our software through automation, and enabling developers to better understand our systems’ scalability and performance characteristics at a deeper level.

Previously, I was very forturnate to a Senior Cloud Automation Engineer at 10th Magnitude, where I focused on accelerating Azure cloud adoption through automation and DevOps. I was able to experience the accelerated growth that only comes from working at such a pace. I was there for 4 years and saw immense growth both in my own career, as a company, and as a person. I am so proud of what we built together and that I grew a strong technical foundation there.

But before that, I started my career as a casting director after getting a degree in film. I love to see how what I learned in the arts helps me every day bring people together under a common idea and vision and how the arts have helped me with the grit and determination to overcome any obstacle facing me. The collaboration, inspiration, and mentorship that I get from the DevOps community, and my husband who is a leader in DevOps, is undeniably linked to my success.


Annie Hedgpeth

Test Infrastructure Engineer committed to growth and community

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