At 10th Magnitude, I focus on accelerating Azure cloud adoption through automation and DevOps. I have done this through configuration management with Chef, provisioning infrastructure with ARM templates and Terraform, and compliance automation through InSpec. I’m also working toward automating our Azure Site Recovery projects and to utilize Mesosphere to operationalize containers.

I’m relatively new to technology so I have a passion for learning and teaching others. I teach our clients Chef Essentials, Chef Intermediate, and a Compliance course. I am also flattered that the tutorials that I wrote on this blog are featured on InSpec’s website. And finally, I have spoken internationally at various conferences and meet-ups on topics ranging from InSpec, to Docker, to helping others get into technology.

I started my career as a casting director after getting a degree in film. I love to see how what I learned in the arts helps me every day bring people together under a common idea and vision and how the arts have helped me with the grit and determination to overcome any obstacle facing me. The collaboration, inspiration, and mentorship that I get from my colleagues at 10th Magnitude, the DevOps and Chef community, and my husband who is a leader in DevOps is undeniably linked to my success. As a DevOpsDays organizer, I am thrilled to bring this same enthusiasm and vigor to the DevOps community at large.

If you’re interested in working with me and my fantastic team at 10th Magnitude, let’s talk.


Annie Hedgpeth

Senior Cloud Automation Engineer committed to growth and community

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