The New Stack Makers - ft. Dominik Richter & Annie Hedgpeth at ChefConf 2018

Arrested DevOps - “Career Change into DevOps”

DevOpsDays DFW 2017 - MC and Speaker Coordinator

ChefConf 2017 - “My Journey Into Technology Through InSpec”

dockercon17 - “Lowering the Barrier to Entry with Docker”

dockercon17 - “Docker in Education Panel”

10th Magnitude’s Manhattan’s Project

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

ConfigManagementCamp Gent: My Journey Into Technology Through InSpec, slides

DevOps Live!: “InSpec in the Cloud” slides

Arrested DevOps podcast from ChefConf 2016

DevOpsDays DFW 2016

Women Who Code: My Journey Into Technology, slides


SysAdvent yearly holiday blog:
Building Empathy: a devopssec story
Running InSpec as a Push Job

10th Magnitude blog:
DevOpsDays Dallas: Q&A with Trevor Hess and Annie Hedgpeth
Compliance as Code: An Introduction to InSpec


Awesome Community Chefs – 2017 Award Winner
Awesome Community Chef Award


Annie Hedgpeth

Cloud Automation Engineer committed to growth and community

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